I have been aware of my Native American Indian guide since my early 20s when he spoke to me one night while I was lying in bed. He spoke to me very clearly in his native language, which I now know is Navajo. While I heard every word, I couldn’t understand what he was saying. In my mind’s eye he showed me an empty single bed made from wood and skins, and I understood from this that if I needed healing, I should come to him and he would help.

Many years went by and I almost forgot about the experience with my guide, until January 2017 when he made his presence known to me in a much stronger way. Not only did he start coming to me in my meditations very powerfully, but he gave me his name, which is ‘Red Rock’.

One night Red Rock appeared to me in a very real way. He asked me if I would wear a necklace, which he handed to me. It was a leather pendant with a nine pointed star on it. The nine pointed star was made up of tiny metal pins placed in the leather pendant, with cotton wound round them to make the shape of the star.  I asked Red Rock what the significance of this star was, and he said it stood for love and unity. This I felt would be important for the future spiritual work that Vincent and I would be doing with our spiritual guides, so we decided to call our website starloveunity.com.

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