Alien Meditation Experience
More recently I had an experience when I was meditating which took me by surprise. I was working with a light body meditation and could feel that the vibrations around me were powerful and high. So I was amazed to see a six-foot creature standing to my right. It looked like a giant caterpillar. It was greenish/yellow in colour, made up of segmentsand it was standing upright. It tried to talk to me telepathically and it sounded like a wise, well-spoken older man with an English accent. I called my guide and asked him to help remove this creature. He said that this being wanted to learn from me and stay with me for a while. I told my guide that I did not want this being in my aura. I wanted him to leave.

After the meditation finished I could still feel this being standing in the right side of my aura. I went downstairs and made some coffee and although I couldn’t see it, I could still feel it to my right. I asked it to leave and finally by the next morning it was gone.

Alien Workshop Experience
During a workshop about spirit guides, we were lead through a meditation by the teacher. I met with my usual spirit guides, but this time there was also an alien with them. He was normal human height, grey in colour with large eyes and a dark hooded cloak. He asked if he could work with me during the workshop and I said, ‘absolutely not’. The reason I said this was that I had been reading about aliens and I didn’t trust that their intentions were good. As he was with my spirit guides, I assumed they felt he was ok, but I didn’t want to open myself up to that sort of interaction. I did have to be very clear that I was not going to work with him though, as I felt any sort of passivity would have been as good as giving him permission.

Alien Guide Experience
More recently I have had a guide who came to me wearing a hooded cloak. He told me that he wanted to take me to other places in the galaxy and when he took down his hood, he was blue in colour and he looked like the character from the movie Megamind, with a large head. He didn’t feel threatening to me, so I wasn’t concerned, but as far as I am aware I didn’t go on any journeys with him and I haven’t seen him since.

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