Every human with a soul has the ability to read another soul. The process is very simple:

Look at another person, preferably look into their eyes and allow yourself to process what you see. Let the feelings you get from looking at this person filter into your mind. If you’re not sure how to do this, as you look at this person, ask yourself the following questions…

  • Does this person look happy, sad, angry or disconnected?
  • Does this person have a material or a spiritual feeling about them?
  • Does this person feel like they can be trusted, or do I feel that I need to be careful when dealing with this person?
  • Is this person focused on themselves or on others?
  • Is this person dangerous to me?

If you prefer, you can write out your own questions to use. Then practice on different people. You can then check to see if the information you have picked up is correct. As you practice, you will improve.

Teaching Your Children
It is very important to teach your children how to discern whether someone has good or bad intentions towards them. Having this ability can keep your children safe. Teach your children first of all that they can trust their inner guidance, otherwise known as their intuition, instincts or the feelings they receive. Then you can teach them how to be more conscious about this by learning how to read people. This way your children are less likely to get caught up with people who have bad intentions. Their instincts will not let them stay around these people.

Make sure your children are using their intuition in every area of life.

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