Information and Misinformation
A lawyer once told me that creating confusion is used as a form of defense, so that no one will find the truth. If you are a spiritual seeker or a seeker of truth, you’ve probably noticed how confusing finding the truth can be sometimes.

Obviously different people have different opinions, but there’s more going on than a variety of views of the world. My spirit guide, Red Rock, told me there is an agenda to confuse humanity in their desire and need to find the truth, and much of the misinformation that is being put out there is to distract us.

So, if the information explosion has left you wondering what to believe and what to leave, this is a good time to practice working with your truth radar.

Why My Guide Doesn’t Tell Me Everything
On my path to finding the truth, I have often asked Red Rock why he can’t just tell me everything; it would save me so much time and effort. He tells me there is no point in me being here if I don’t do the work myself – if I don’t do the work, I won’t learn. He says because of my free will, I must be given choices and while he can offer clues and assistance, he can’t do the work for me. Red Rock says we all have an inner truth radar that we need to learn to use and that truth radar will not only tell us who we are communicating with, whether it’s a physical human or a spirit entity, but it can also tell us who we can trust.

Conversations with My Guide – Getting Your Facts Straight
This is what Red Rock, on behalf of my spirit team, said to me:

We know that it can be hard for you to know what is right and what is not, when you’re listening to the information you are interested in. However, it’s important to get your facts straight. By this we mean; know what is true and what is not. How can you do this?

Our first suggestion is to feel what is right, not in your heart, but in your solar plexus. This is the first place your energy will be affected if something is wrong.

Then we would suggest using your logic, because you have a good thinking brain and your logical sense can help you weigh up whether the person you’re listening to is making sense or not.

Then, move onto your heart, because this is usually a good indicator of whether someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Lastly, we would suggest listening to the whole of your energy, otherwise known as instinct, and go with the feelings you get.

This is the way we would go about telling truth from fiction, if we were in your place.

Comments from My Guides
When I listen to information either on the internet or on my Kindle, Red Rock is often listening too. If he feels that what I’m listening to is misleading or a waste of time, he won’t say it directly. Instead, he will either ask a question or make a statement. For example, he might say ‘Why are you listening to this? It has nothing to do with what you want to learn.’ or he might say ‘Make sure you get your facts straight’. I may not stop listening to this particular book or stream, but I will consider what Red Rock has said to me and this makes me look more deeply into the information.

Here are some other tips:
• Always put your own feelings first. What is right for someone else may not be right for you, so honor your feelings and trust that what you get is right for you.
• Does the information you’re hearing feel foggy or unclear?
• Does it leave you feeling suspicious?
• If you are clairvoyant and can see the energy of the spirit entity or person you are interacting with, are the colours you can see clear or foggy? How does the interaction effect your own aura, does it bring clarity or cause confusion in your energy? How does this make your energy feel?

Dowsing – A Great Back Up Tool
Dowsing is a great tool for knowing the truth. Use dowsing if you feel attracted to it. You can use a pendulum, dowsing rods, or even your fingers.

Once you’ve chosen your tool; pendulum, rods or fingers:

Ask for a sign for yes, a sign for no and a sign for maybe.

Take the first sign you get after asking a question. Unlike science which likes to prove that you will always get the same answer, dowsing will not necessarily give you the same answer each time, so use the first answer you get.

Practice, until you feel confident.

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