Alien Experiences
While I have no conscious experiences of being abducted, I have seen alien type beings a few times when I’ve least expected it. This happened once during a Reiki workshop and I’ve also seen some strange beings during meditation. Each time these beings have seemed very friendly, but the outcome of the interaction has sometimes been negative for me.

Green Beings and the Reiki Workshop
I was at a Reiki workshop in the 1990’s, when the teacher asked for a volunteer to lie on the couch so that she could demonstrate Reiki healing to the students. I volunteered, thinking it would be a pleasant, relaxing experience like spiritual healing, which I’d had many times before. I lay on the couch in the middle of a circle of students and shut my eyes…

The teacher started by placing her hands on my head and I felt the energy from her palms move down my body until I could feel it in my toes. The energy felt warm and soothing, and I quickly relaxed. As I can see spirits clairvoyantly, I decided to tune in and have a look to see if any spirit guides were present. As I looked around psychically, I saw a guide standing by my head. He was a very tall oriental man and he was standing behind the teacher on my right. He had long black hair tied back tightly into a high, looped plait. He was wearing what looked like a turquoise and red ceremonial costume and his nails were long and dark purple in colour. The teacher looked like she knew what she was doing, but this man who I believe was her guide, was watching her closely and would move forward every now and again to help clear away the energy.

I spent a bit of time watching this guide, then turned my attention to my left and was a bit shocked to see three green beings standing next to me. They were tall, very thin and bright green. They weren’t wearing clothes and their bodies looked glossy, like they were made out of luminous green jelly. The colour reminded me of stick insects. They were all the same height, about six foot and had triangular faces with what looked like cat-shaped pointed ears on the top of their heads. At that point in my life, I hadn’t given aliens much thought, I had been focusing more on spirits, spirit guides and light beings, so seeing these aliens came as a surprise. They seemed to be looking down on me in a friendly, smiling, unthreatening way, so I wasn’t bothered by their presence. However, I did see that in their hands they held what looked like a giant needle and thick stripy cord and they were holding this over my solar plexus.


An expanding aura
I felt relaxed and almost like I was in a trance, then I heard the teacher telling the class that I was out of my body and at that moment I felt my aura/energy suddenly start to expand out into the room at a tremendous pace. It was like someone had taken away the boundary of my body’s energy. There was no longer anything to keep my energy in, so it was moving outwards fast. As this was happening, I heard the teacher say to the class that I was out of my body, but I felt this was not an accurate description of what was happening.

The whole experience was very frightening, as my energy was no longer contained, and it just seem to spread out and mix with the energy of the room and kept moving out. I’m sure anyone watching would have seen that my heart was thumping violently, as I felt a strong sense of panic.

I said nothing and gradually my energy was somehow brought back in. The oriental guide and the three green beings were all still present, but I also noticed a man looking on from a distance. He was dressed in a white robe, with a cap on his head and he had a chain around his neck. I felt he was a spiritual man who had a lot of power.

The teacher then asked me to turn over and she started to work on my back. I could see another guide walking past the couch, but I couldn’t see his face. He was wearing dark blue and purple, and was swinging an incense holder on a chain, which I thought was a sign that he was closing the session.

After the teacher finished, I sat up. I felt fine and rather relieved, my aura felt hazy and bigger than it had been before we started. I told the teacher about my experiences and she asked me to write it down for her. Then I went back and joined the class.

A lack of protection
We were working in groups of about six, with one student lying on a couch while the rest of the students practiced using the healing they’d been taught. What I didn’t realise was that after this experience, I had lost my normal auric protection. As I worked, I seemed to pick up every ailment from everyone around me, so by the end of the lesson I felt very, very ill. When I got home I couldn’t eat anything and I had to go straight to bed. It was like having flu. Luckily by the morning I’d recovered.

Looking back, I think these green beings cut open my aura, then stitched it back up. I’m not sure what this experience was about, or who these green beings were, but I do find it surprising that they were working with human spirit guides. The type of reiki we were learning at this workshop was connected to different planets, so maybe that was why they were present. I was not the only person to have a negative experience that day.

One of the students, who was in another group and who had seemed very normal when I had chatted to her earlier in the day, started screaming in panic in the afternoon, saying that her skin was being taken off and the teacher had to go and calm her down. I did feel that the teacher had some powerful esoteric gifts, but I’m not sure that she even knew everything that was going on behind the scenes.

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