At the beginning of 2017 I had an ongoing dramatic experience with my spirit guides that made a huge difference to my life.

I had been to see a medium who had told me that my grandmother wanted me to know I was not alone and that she and other spirits that were around me were very interested in what I was trying to do. This puzzled me because at the time I wasn’t actually trying to do anything special. I had been considering going back into mediumship and had been thinking about writing more books, but hadn’t taken any action.

After I came home from this reading, I looked out the drawings a spirit artist had drawn for me many years ago, to see if there was a picture of my grandmother. I didn’t find a drawing of my grandmother, but I did find a drawing of my Native American spirit guide. This was a guide who had come to me many, many years earlier and had spoken to me in his native language. After that contact I hadn’t really thought much about this guide, but now with his picture in my hand, I decided to do a guided meditation to see if I could connect with him again.

I chose a meditation called ‘Meet Your Spirit Guide’ and it had only just started to play when I felt a guide come powerfully into my body. I was surprised at how fast he came and how strong it felt. It was like a fizzy feeling that filled my body and expanded my aura and it was so powerful that it made my base chakra, an area that I wouldn’t usually be aware of, ache. It was a very physical experience. In my mind I asked for the guides name and he told me that it was ‘Red Rock’. To make sure that I had received the name correctly I said; ‘Red Raven’ and again he said ‘Red Rock’.

I thought this was very exciting as I hadn’t been in contact with my guides for such a long time, so throughout that day I reconnected with Red Rock a number of times to see if I could repeat the experience.

The biggest change though came that night. As I was about to fall asleep, I was woken up by Red Rock. I knew it was him as I was now familiar with his energy. He woke me up by touching my solar plexus in a powerful way, which wasn’t unpleasant, but it did make me take a sudden breath inwards.

Red Rock then started to lift and then drop what felt like the energy body of my torso and this went on for most of the night. It felt like a fizzy feeling moving in and out of my torso and when I asked what he was doing, he said he was loosening my etheric body. That first night there seemed to be Red Rock and one other spirit, although I wasn’t sure who the other spirit was. The whole process went on until about 5.30 in the morning, but instead of feeling tired, I felt energised which made it impossible to fall back to sleep afterwards.

During the next day I did many short meditations with Red Rock. As I work from home and my children were at school, I was able to do this, although it was very time consuming.

During the meditations Red Rock spoke to me clearly, telepathically, telling me how to do powerful breathing and humming exercises. He told me how to massage parts of my body, especially my heart area and my pelvis to get the energy moving. He told me this was ‘shamanic’, something I didn’t know much about at the time. It was not the sort of meditation I would want to do with anyone in the house as the breathing and humming were quite loud. I was surprised that it was all so physical, as my mediumship up to that point had always been visual.

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