While my main guides have known me all my life, I wasn’t conscious of them until I was in my twenties. This is what they said about that time and how everyone can connect with their guides:

Not long after we met Josephine we were keen to get her started on her path. There was a long way to go as she had many skills she wanted to unfold. There were many tasks ahead of her and she could be stubborn at times, when we tried to position her for her best skills. Many times she took no notice of us as we urged her to take up an appointment or go to a certain place for the best outcome. It was a frustration to us, as her guides, that she didn’t listen, even when we tried to make it clear. There are bountiful choices out there in the world and we wanted her to take advantage of these when the timing was right.

When your guide gives you a nudge take it, take it, it is all mapped out for you and you will see how well it turns out. Our frustration with Josephine is that she didn’t take the nudge, not even the push; she just went her own merry way until she found a dead end.

If you want to work with your guides you must feel for the nudge, feel for the movement of your guides. That is what they are there to do for you. Feel for them.

Everyone can learn to work with their guides, all you need is a heightened awareness of their presence and this is easier than most people think.

To practice allowing your guide to communicate with you, clear your mind and allow them to implant an impression into your mind. This may be vague at first, but with practice it will get clearer. There is no substitute for practice. Practice, practice, practice and you will get better at it.

To discover the best way to communicate with your guide, you need to become fully aware of your psychic faculties. To do this, become calm, clear your mind and let impressions come to you. How do you experience these impressions? Do they come through sound? Through your mind? Are you seeing something? Hearing something? Feeling something? It is very likely that you will have one sense that is stronger than another, so let this become clear to you. You may find over time that your skills move from one sense to another, but you must start somewhere, so choose your strongest sense and focus on this to begin with.

Practice: Focus Meditation
Sit quietly. Clear your mind. Breathe deeply and calmly. Let a picture come into your mind. This could be a flower or a tree. Choose something simple that is easy to focus on. Let this picture become clearer, filling in the leaves or the petals, seeing the detail in your mind. Now let this go and focus on something else, maybe a bird or a running stream, imagine you can touch it. What does it feel like? What does it sound like? Make it as real as possible, then let it go. Now imagine a lemon, can you see it clearly? What if you imagine cutting it open and tasting it. What does it taste like? Now let it go and bring yourself back.

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