When my spirit guide Chan told me I should massage my caesarean scar because it was blocking my energy I was surprised, but after searching the internet and finding out many people do massage their scars to stop them becoming tight and hard, I attempted to do it myself, sadly without success. Then a friend passed on the details of Jakki Hesse, a Reiki massage therapist who specializes in Scar Work. This is a gentle light touch process that releases physical and emotional blocks created by scars.

Jakki worked on my caesarean scar for a number of weeks to loosen the tightness and free up the energy. As it is quite an intimate scar and I was worried it might hurt, I felt having the right person to do this was very important and Jakki always made me feel very relaxed and at ease. She explained that the scar work should never hurt and her gentle loosening of the scar never caused any discomfort. I was amazed at how Jakki was able to loosen the tight scar and free up the energy with ease.

Jakki worked in a very intuitive way that inspired my confidence and I could definitely feel the healing energies as she worked. In fact loosening the caesarean scar was so successful that we moved onto a scar on my knee and one on my head, both from childhood and I could see and feel the positive difference in the scars when she finished, not only was the skin looser and softer, but the colour of the scars had also faded making the tissue look much healthier.

I would absolutely recommend Jakki, as she is a lovely therapist who knows how to work physically and with energy and I would also recommend Scar Work if you have any scars that could be blocking your energy.

Find out more about Jakki’s work at her website joyfuljourney.co.uk.