Last night I went to see an ‘Intimate Demonstration’ of mediumship with Lisa Williams. It was held at Soul Space in Billericay which belongs to well known TV medium and author, Tony Stockwell. Lisa is a famous medium who has appeared in the TV shows; ‘Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead’, ‘Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side’ and ‘Lisa Williams Live’. She is also an author of numerous books including ‘I Speak to Dead People Can you?’ Lisa lives in America, but is actually English.

The evening was very interesting and I was one of the lucky people from the audience to have a message from Lisa. My husband’s brother, who had died in a climbing accident in his twenties, came through with a message and brought with him my father in­­­‑law, who had sadly died the evening before the show. I was surprised that as he had died so recently, he was able to come through, but Lisa explained that his son’s energy was helping to bring through his message.

The reading was very impressive; giving many details that only I would know. Lisa is obviously a very talented medium, but what I appreciated most was her warm, approachable style and the way she gave messages to the audience in an entertaining, upbeat way that often made people laugh.