After reading Chris Ratter’s fascinating book Mediumship Within, where he describes his personal path to becoming a healer and his experiences of working with his spirit team (see Book Reviews), I was lucky enough to have a few healing sessions with him. Chris and his lovely wife Gail came down from Edinburgh to Sevenoaks, to offer a long weekend of healing sessions. Having recently had a vein removed from my leg, I had plenty of bruising and still some pain, so I went to Chris for help with the healing. Chris has his own unique way of working which is tailored to each patient and I found the whole healing session very tranquil, as Chris has a calming energy that put me at ease.

As a medium I can tune into the spirits around people and on this occasion I could see that Chris had a man in spirit with white hair working closely behind him, who I understood to be Harry Edwards. There were also three spirit people wearing doctors’ coats present at the foot of the healing couch. Behind these doctors there was what looked like a laboratory, with others spirit doctors present who seemed to be working like chemists and there was another man in spirit who stood at the head of the couch while Chris was working. This man had a pipe in his hand and was wearing a tweed jacket, waistcoat and breeches and reminded me very much of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

It was very interesting to see these spirit people, but what was even more remarkable was that when both of Chris’s hands were placed on my head, I felt spirit hands working on my solar plexus; it was a very physical feeling. The whole experience was interesting, relaxing and uplifting. Most important though was the healing, and I’m happy to report that by the end of the healing session the pain in my leg was gone and by the next day the bruising had disappeared, so I was very grateful to Chris and his spirit team.